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Reprints of "Supreme Miracles: Fun in Doing" from Delmer Eugene Croft

This is a rare book called "Supreme Miracles: Fun in Doing" by Delmer Eugene Croft. This book was very rare and when we searched for copies of Croft's booklets only one copy of this book was available for purchase. It was a copy that was in less than perfect condition, with some underlining, but it was the only copy available to reprint. Therefore, we reprinted it as is.

The Chapters are:

The Supreme Miracle of Life.
The Supreme Miracle of Power.
The Supreme Miracle of Desire.
The Supreme Miracle of Happiness.
The Supreme Miracle of Health.
The Supreme Miracle of Youth.
The Supreme Miracle of Beauty.
The Supreme Miracle of Thought.
The Supreme Miracle of Atmosphere.

This is a facsimile reprint of a book originally printed in 1915. The author published seven short books between 1915-1922. He worked and printed his books out of New Haven, Connecticut. The book has 48 pages and cardstock covers.

To get a free preview of this book, simply right click and select "Save As" to download a pdf file with a 20 page preview of "Supreme Miracles " reprinted by Telical Books.

We have written to and obtained from the New Haven Historical Society a binder of information on Croft and will make some of it available here and on Wikipedia in the months to come.

It is not an "occult" book, but instead a creative slant on positive thinking and ethics. All booklets are reprinted with cardstock covers.

Each booklet is $7 postage paid, except "Laughing it Through," which is $9 postage page because of its length (64 pages). You may also buy our reprints at

You may also buy our reprints at

Each booklet is $7 postage paid, except "Laughing it Through," which is $9 postage page because of its length (64 pages). You may also buy our reprints at

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