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The Exhaustion of the Interaction of Words: Brainstorming with the ParaMind Brainstorming Program

3. What is a "Generative Computer Brainstorming Program"?

A "generative computer brainstorming program" is one that produces new ideas from your idea, not a program that gives popular associations like a thesaurus or asks you questions to let your mind develop the idea. It is also not a flow chart type program that maps out your ideas. A lot of what is sold as brainstorming software today falls under the guise of asking the user to define their ideas or map out their ideas like a flow chart. The ParaMind program is different because it uses a radical way to quickly multiply the user's original spark of an idea.

The first problem encountered was to get the computer to understand the complexity of word relationships. Failure in this area produces output that isn't grammatically correct, and if it is, the words are not in semantic context with each other, so they don't make sense anyway. With the merge technique, the user's work is always in context, and can be easily made grammatically correct with features such as a common replace function, when it is not.

This program works by replacing one or two words in the user's idea sentence with words that are the same part of speech and even the same subject matter, tense, class, and so on. The idea sentence is simply the user's idea put in a few words on the ParaMind screen. You can then replace another word in the new sentences that are created for even more new ideas. You take out a noun to replace it with another noun, or you take out an adjective to replace it with another adjective. You can do complex searches of the word category database to locate related words to make your new ideas appear fast and be significant to your original subject.

If users could predict the results, they wouldn't need the program in the first place. What is created are hundreds and even thousands of sometimes fascinating, sometimes even hilarious results, depending on the original idea sentence. With this program, you can select word categories that are configured to fit into your own sentences. You scan through the word categories to see which category is best suited for your ideas. The program will also scan your sentence and suggest word categories that are in the database that might be the best for brainstorming on your sentence.

No matter what idea you are after, you work towards that idea by typing in a sentence that contains the basic outline of what you know about the idea so far. You then select some of the program's 1100 word categories, or add in your own word categories. The software can then expand any idea into all its various avenues. You read through those thousands of idea combinations to see which ones are the best. ParaMind can also help the user to find just one idea, and easily splice that idea into pre-existing text and documents, by using the "Replace Highlighted Word" feature, which allows the user to brainstorm on one sentence by eyeing the word categories with their sentence.

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