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The Sun of Righteousness by R.S. Pearson

"A M A Z I N G ..... inspired material, Robert. this is the message i keep hearing in the winds around the world."
James Lowe, Vocalist for the Electric Prunes.
Listen to their defining 1967 hit "Too Much to Dream" as well as "Mass in F Minor" and "Release of an Oath"

"Thank you for sharing these powerful poems with us, Bob! If you are the author you have a real talent and you must make God smile...."
Sister Diane, Sisters of St. Clare Convent

"You are truly gifted and blessed. This is so beautiful. May I forward it so some friends?
Miska, painter of

"But to you who fear My name, The Sun of Righteousness will arise with healing in His Wings; And you shall go out and grow fat like stall-fed calves."
Malachi 4:2


concentrate only on that feeling of active love
a healing, nutritious air
the Holy Spirit which many experienced
casting miracles of health into life

believe this healing energy
heals not only bodies, but minds
heals our talents, skills
heals us by being up in higher sensations

this healing energy of active love
maintaining our place there by praise
we break apart all boundaries in us
that stated we could not bond
with a certain type of person
to help them become more loving

while we seek to bring seekers
to their own participation in it

active love is active
because it radiates outwards
preoccupies the mind and body with its healing
like the experience we have with God


love was on the cross
dying for our sins against it
to show it loves us
love will absorb all the world's hurt

more in the spirit of love
if you see it in other people
if you value its present operation

almost impossible to be the spirit of love,
if you can't see it operating in people outside of you
yet eventually, sometimes
this is what we are called to do


what a sweet thing
to serve a jealous God
for God is love
and shows this by an engulfing love

jealous to be loved
so He can help us love

love expanding Itself
the reason for God's jealousy
to be more loved by Love

what a sweet thing to pray for healing
for God is Love
complete free will in a maze of treasures
which sometimes cause some
imbalance and distress

God's jealousy is always a positive sign of love
God yearns by His loving us to heal us
to change our nature for our light

a sweet thing to pray for all needs
because love needs to be needed
God wants our prayers


active love without negativity
is not too hard to please
for those who live by the Spirit
through grace

we too can be active love without judgement

condemning negates active love
instead of caring to reflect love outward
condemning thought reflects back inwardly
our imaginations
an amplification of something negative
they only might have thought
and not seeing ourselves

because of the Earth plane
land of the wheat and tares
aim to maintain an active love
that overrides lesser thoughts
just as in the experience with God
experience a higher density of love
than we do in life

if you ask for the desires
of your heart
God will best know
what makes you happy
for this is how Jesus taught us
God rewards they
who diligently seek Him


the more I respect Spirit
the better it is
the more expertly I respect it
the better my experience of it
for one cannot truly respect Spirit
out of route fear or mincing formulation

this is the time of the sacrament
of the inner silencing

see all the beauty
filing up my mind with positive wishes
beautiful affirmations
see all the life and focus
that comes from enjoying giving away
focus on the beauty
physically very strong


a being radiant by transforming
time-elapsed growth
a being radiant from time-elapsed prayer

freedom is an emotional centering
in the direction of possibility
by working out their own salvation
with awe and trembling
a transforming power
possibility blossoming by prayer

freedom is being emotionally centered
in the direction of possibility

possibilities blossoming by prayer


peace on the level
of the sun
and stars
a time
from very far away
shines on our joy
to make the birth
of radiance
in ours' and others' lives

allow God to heal you
by focus
so quiet
yet vibrant
just have the victory
of peace

press into
peace inside
the hope of your
healing requests


an icon of a serious Christ
with a Holy Book open in hand
at this moment in time
as if saying
"You must believe you have
what you ask for in prayer!"

faith in something happening in a due course
a holy stern commanding presence
demanding that we follow shortcuts
that make the universe governed,
to defeat the devil, as
every good story has an antagonist

this is the commandment of heavenly life



in a forest of childhood
where all has gone wrong, relatively speaking
and the bravery and hope of children is displayed


when you love
it shows you have faith and hope

combinations of faith, hope and love
interchanging in a pattern

faith synonyms are confidence, trust, belief
hope synonyms are expectation, envisioning, optimism
love synonyms are care, tenderness, affection

faith and love together bring hope
love and hope together bring faith
faith and hope together bring love

conjunctions can be seen as molding, as in
tenderness and hope makes faith
being poor in spirit is being tender with God

confidence and tenderness equals goals succeeding
expectation and confidence equals love
tenderness with hope makes faith greater


I wasn't let down before when I prayed
you were not either

the needed ration of request
the ratio of prayer to the size of need
prayer abundant the goal in your heart
pray to help make it abundant
call thirty prayer lines
if you have no power of attention
or willpower

imagine we will have when we ask enough
the ratio of requests to the size of need
is prayer abundant to that need, or lacking?
is there a better way to spend our time
than on to the miracles sublime?
pray to help make them abundant

I see now what it means to live
by the Spirit and not by the flesh
don't make that only a momentary
divine grace of temporary insight
let it pass into permanent understanding

insight into our capacity of gratitude
this intimately affects our life
have praise for what is done through prayer
if it does not form a testimony
we will not be taking care of ourselves

the ratio of request to the size
of the goal in your heart of hearts


density of faith
is how some things get changed
frequency of prayer
is how some problems get healed

brought up a little higher in virtue
I know I am on a more secure rock
a foundation from which I cannot fall.

density of hope greater
than fatigue from service
to those who need our help
it shows the right amount
of need we muster
honest in sight of God

whoever offers praise glorifies Me,
and to him who orders his conduct aright
I will show the salvation of God
Ps 50 23


the honor given to souls
who suffer for righteousness
it's the plaque in our Heart
double entendre

a plaque inscribed
with the debris' solvent

Prince of Peace
healing the bones and teeth


Lord, you are too wonderful for us
You heal us because then
we are made perfect in love
imagine our day when we are perfect in our
love for others

a day made perfect in love


he who wins souls is wise

God is love and may want
the number to experience
heaven's wonders of the heart
to be immense
beyond human counting

time, space, and number
occupants on earth
the number of intelligent living beings
created in the image of God

do not limit the number
of the saved
that limitation is a human perception
based on lack of love

the unfolding understanding
that Earth is meant to be for love
to grow,
for being a place
that has these trials in order that
we must care for each other
and in this ability of warmth
fully getting it

he who win souls is wise


it's clear and plain
success comes to those
focused on the Word

godly associates cultivated
enjoying the wisdom
of Psalms and Proverbs

they bless those who injure them
avoiding the advice of those
who do not forgive


the court of God at our side
this court is the mark of civility
we see the dignity
available to us at every moment

stillness before God is the ground and center
of the waveform of aim
and the ability
to have faith to do the impossible

stillness before God
the fastest point
of the mobius wave of aim and will

stillness and prayer
real aim and true will


all one does is exercise their brain
affected by stress, ignorance, or shame
then erase any idealization or compulsion

additive nature of logical reason
on top of the Biblical framework
we add whatever else we need
all the insight in therapy added
it becomes additive and not contradictory
the ignorant do not use this


there is a spiritual blessing
that comes over someone
who will not gossip

in that high watering nest
of God's love to others
in that non-critical place
above all judgements

to desire to be only in
God's pure help to others
for the sake of being in it


He makes light come out of bright eyes
and all over the skin
felt intricate patterns of holiness


the end of an error is upon me
the end of an era, as well
so look glad, my soul
embrace natural happiness
hear new music from the future

music an essential emphasis of the Holy

how can five minutes
change something in me?
prayer is the answer

freedom in another way of life
felt before, the way of the free
the peaceful empowered of God
they prayed to be empowered
blessed by benefits that come from being responsible
there is not more than this --
how long the mind should linger on it!


shine a merry mirth heart all over town
shine it in my mind up and down

feeling is sacred, so is health
always much more in merry heart hearth

God shine their merry mirth heart all over town
God shine in my mind up and down

the medicine of fine feeling is sacred, it is health
God please, shine it so there is much more
mercy in my merry heart hearth

they know not always what they do
and that makes at least two


they have fallen into average
and that is why they are strong
life has provided for the average
because they can relatively do no wrong

God wants me to live (on this earth)
so I completely forgive everyone I've met
I am free to live on this world the way it is
I do not become limited by the people I am around
I love them in the way that God has prepared them
I am free to live on this world the way it is

God wants to love us
and by doing so
has done good for the average
in this small way they are strong


a poet has said
the Northern Lights are in her eyes
the stars are bright in innocent blood

in a crowded city street I say
you are all children of God
by faith in Christ Jesus


the antique doll's face
represents calm and alertness
the teddy bear next to her
exudes tenderness
keeping my brain in these healing states
my eyes and face in the position of that doll
frozen will to adhere to this best plan
no subsequent thought misleads

faith is our staying in our love of the Lord
frozen will to adhere to the best plan
no subsequent thought misleads


we are told to create a good vision
where there is no vision the people perish
have strong intention, make goals, visualize
people sometimes thought
in great error that the words of Christ
took away their force, their righteous indignation

but I see this fervency is of great benefit
to cast out the evil in an angry voice
the fervent prayers of a person righteous (by His Blood)
availeth much

expansive force in the mind
in all possibilities for it
all necessary reasons for it
all necessary plans for it

self-observation of this sense
of internal enlarging the camp
I do not shrink from solidifying my vision

up and striking
unassailable fortress of warrior
from my guarded Kingdom


loving kindness

when did I stop distrusting?
was it a week now since
I stopped distrusting the goodness?

a truce towards the fallen
uplifting them by hope in prayer for them
uplifting consciousness by my conscience


God allows to have many children
the robins, sparrows, chickadees
and others of our neighborhoods

storybook vision of childhood warmth
we are the joy of this bliss
long journey to the kingdom of heaven within
it won't be easy, but it won't be too hard

we make the birth of radiance
in others' lives
in their skies


when inability comes
always claim humility
to thank God for victory
that it is not of ourselves
and this disperses inopportunity

climb up the ladder of divine mercy
or there is no way up
only by facing the truth
can we see the ladder

if we live in falseness
the lack of the seriousness of the challenge
we cannot change significantly

If I cannot face the divine mercy
then I will be too weak to climb
if I cannot believe in divine mercy
there is no miracle


was thinking of a new revolution
something inside myself
why should the Christmas season
last only two months a year?

it must be a conspiracy
to not have Christmas all year round!

to make Christmas on a new day
the 25th in a non-December month
all month prepare for it
Christmas music on
it-is-coming-up-soon! feeling in heart
each day counted down

Christmas in the soul, good and gentle
with oneself and others
celebrating the birth of new things
all in the spirit of the gifts of God


celebration without pause
celebration without ceasing
celebration shows love
filled with all good things

celebrate God can do it!
celebrate God has done it!

the false god
will not ruin the party


each flower unbloomed is a paint factory
for those who can really see

future gratitude is a science
prayer, thanksgiving

fortress of healing
in an endless Christmas

goals, accomplishment list
present gratitude

becoming God's superman by grace
awareness of muscles, breathing


infusion of your Word blood into me
the Word my genetic information

imagine what It would be like all around
if we gave up some
of the hope and drive
for more status
and fell in love with life, virtue, health?

we would see our desires come to pass
as the lilies of the field
and as beautiful as birds of the air


every day is new for insight
days before weren't bad

have sympathy with those
who share problems you had
but you are now over


Love is authored
by the Word of God
only some now know it

Love is authored
by the Word of God
some read it
authoring universal love in their soul


we can never be fully happy
defending creeds when hurting people
leading to chaos and relative frenzy
we are not the Law itself
only rise and fall in it
to be finally saved by grace

you've been offered
experiencing many levels of peace
in exchange for thoughts

is this the highest pleasure
and presence?
they who won souls
could not be far off

eternal life
shines on our joy
to make the birth
of radiance


how to get the fruits of the Kingdom of God?
but to claim them as already your own
all was done at Calvary, its not a process, it is Eternal
we look at the things that are not seen but unseen

the things that are seen are
passing away to something better
when we have faith and sight
for what He has done


pray looking at clearly defined
Renaissance paintings
pray when divinely pleasant music is on
eyes, ears, mind and heart
on divine subjects
amplifying those around you in prayer

with Joseph, the coat of many colors
we say: "let other's sins be forgotten
I am a ship on an ocean
drifting out in the tides undersea
high overhead let me be
far from sin's memory"

"eagle hovering miles above
it does not matter
what others, even family does
unconditional love for them
is unconditional faith in God"


speed, sunlight and soft wind
vegetation and bird life
love, trust and understanding

all stars outside sky
radiance of starshine transparent
so fine
barely absorbable into our intelligence
unless we have something similar in ourselves
to absorb it, the Holy Spirit

trying to steal back the sun, stars, and skies
from heresies
the sense of the stars in our sky
causes us to feel expansive

our awareness of our consciousness
combined with God's compassion
divided attention:
on our awareness
and God's ever-present starshine

faint transparent radiance of Spirit
deep down
helps me see
everyone loves me and I love everyone
I am in love with everyone I see
we are in love with everyone we see


I don't look at God as wholly the other, either
I don't think any true Christian does
the Holy Spirit is in us
we are children of God by faith

how can a good Father ever disown
his yearning and striving child?
does a child have to be merely humble
in subservience
for a good earthly father
to love him or her?


I know you are my loving Heavenly Father
I know you are Love
please protect all the loving memories and moments
of my past
please protect all the competent moments, periods,
and acts of my past

asked God how to see the results of a great faith
in what area?

we have seen the answer to many prayers
this is the result of the faith that God gave


"I have not lost one that You gave me"

Christ's words can be our words
we focus on loving witness
praying for everyone
leading them in a sinner's prayer
at first in our intention for them


continue to ask through divine grace
that faith be increased
increased to help others have the hope
to start and continue big love
ask for the wisdom for how to create a full measure
of divine faith to carry them through

believe in repetitive prayers for all healing
to visualize what we want in our bodies
give thanks for it
see the dr. giving us a clean bill of health
to enthusiastically state it

ask God in a sweet, mournful prayer
there is no time or space difference to God
believe we deserve it because of grace
alone from our heavenly Father
because of our birthright in Christ

realize there is no time or space difference to God


when never ascribing lust to beauty
never to limit beauty to youth
nor limit beauty to wealth

we all achieve a beauty
when we stay in the Spirit
love, beauty and wisdom able to be kept


God is saying
it's not all you
give Me half
half of your attention
walk in my direction
let me be part of You


permanently faithful and loyal
to all in his life
not only for their benefit
as he concentrates the power
for his immediate family's value
a good husband and father
a good provider

family man is who he is
permanently faithful and loyal
a good husband and father
a good provider

because I have fathered no children
a family man is still who I am
a good father to all

a higher order of mind is not afraid
to do the things a lower order of mind
is afraid to do

not afraid to
pray, visualize, expect


a present hope that I continue to pray
repeated throughout the day
concentrated time of the intelligent furious prayer
perhaps aided by pen or keys

then if written I could repeat


Lord release my good to others
so that it would come back as necessities
for the higher life to me
so I may better do thy will
and store up treasure in heaven

the devil is below me
not between me and God
the armor of God, the righteousness of Christ


freedom comes from having
a soft heart about possibility
not from believing the universe can adjust itself to you
you can enjoy adjusting yourself
to the spiritual universe
freedom is faith in prayer, faith in grace

freedom is the irresistible emotional pull
in the direction of possibility
not an intellectual assent something is possible
a positive emotional impetus
in the direction of life


the new phase of no excuse
the new phase of high energy

upon thoughts appearing
give love to the memories
working through the events
loving manner pulsing

gurus of clay
we are all just clay
cry, clay, cry


the body language sentence
long moving mind tracking
count time, count breath, count focus
count events, count commands, count joy
count total concentrated time
in observing the body language sentence


we can move on
time is not elapsing
not as in a contest

a deep breathe in
like a balloon
relax your fingers
observe your motion
and another deeper breathe

what can you do now
that will make you feel great?


if we are sick or imbalanced
we need mercy not testing
we need love not instruction
we need healing not rebuke

You sometimes give mercy not testing
You sometimes give love not instruction
healing not rebuke


our attitude creates events
emotional states made positive

a problem in the world of Babel
is that people collude everything

positive emotions create health
more ability to enjoy life
the pursuit of virtue does this as well

as virtue affects the body
it also affects a society positively
and it's reactions to oneself
don't let the scorners affect your opinion

a positive emotional state can
effect thoughts and attitudes.
a positive emotional state can create events
this is not a theological statement


a woman's deeply crying at
the cowardice of her man
who had no faith in himself, God
nor others around him
afraid of every opportunity
accusative of every hand

a feral cat coming to a house
every day to be fed
never letting the feeder to pet it
shaped by the trauma of the past

unable to be remolded
by the potter's loving glorious hand
and the concerns of one's fellows


we can try the way of judgment
and religious cruelty
by accident
and then revert back to freedom
the many who are saved by grace and love
not spite and pride

I see many older people have unconditional love
because they have a had a disease
and saw the need for love to heal


to accept another's glory is love

I give you glory, because I love you
I light the bright bridge of faith
with the glory of your truth

the Holy Spirit animates my faith
it does the work through me
this fulfills the reason for my creation

I am in love with the world around me
in agape love with everyone

rejected and now, full by grace alone
can even love all who reject
by seeing them as like your own child
through prayer raising them up

Love Me, He said to the rebellious
Love Others, He said to the rebellious
Love Yourself, He said to the rebellious


the summer's heat season tone masterpiece
ignites, feeds beautiful souls' fortress of awe
sophisticated cymbal work of wind and birdsong
water and leaves

hope is what makes youth so beautiful
they do not see their future as less than their ideal
the word ideal always has a beauty to it, idealistic, beatific
a type of expectation in God
believe you have received your prayer
when you pray, always pray that way
how else but to pray often with this level of hope
the level of hope is youth's beauty


what kind of communication is it to God
when we say that He didn't answer a prayer
when in fact He did
the Prophets talked at times
about a God indignant at our insults
does it bring upon us a type of denial of benefits
when we are not full of gratitude
at what God has done in response to our prayer

Faith keeps us up in the air, closer to heaven.
God likes that


the vibration light inside

the work on love and health
really is like being married to the most beautiful person
I always see it this way

we didn't mean to be so interested in
the voices of beautiful young singers
it was just some energy we could glide on
till we got the vibration light inside for Your Work
I see not wanting lust will keep me happier
in spirit, truth and practice
to the higher level and more enduring love
of joy


freedom from stream to stream
a city, people walk, cars driving by

it's higher spiritual emotion
in touch with
what is, always positive
never the lower
In Jesus
all the promises of God are Yes

a longer sense of time, weeks, months
stream of emotion to stream of emotion
brilliance of metropolitan vision
next weeks' calendars all miraculously filled out

living week by week
one day at a time
the presence of this emotion
pushes out lower things
a sense of being can also
fixate on the sun or nature

now a goal is deep breathing
to merely sense the expansion
of the chest to full expansion
now a goal is active athletic force
that I can manifest the power to exert

it's declaring a war on the forces
that contract
such forces as loud neighbors in adjacent yards
or guilt about the landscaping looking so bad
these are all controlled just by internal opinions I hold

now a goal is to know
when the weather
is wretched
I just have to accept that
and do it all anyway


don't succumb to sadness
in the face of a repentance
that had problems going all the way before
instead seek and find a gladness
to displace the Earth's madness
to not let it get control again

the repentance will completely work
not like before
wisdom rules out


let this clay raise itself up
to be in Your hands

it is a form of conceit
or obsessive disorder
to be so taken aback at one's faults
to the knocking out of oneself
one should know one is human
and be gentle in hope
the Lord will lovingly
overshadow one's faults

all that losing would try to keep me from
basking in the Lord's mercy
let this clay rise up
and be modeled by You
I accept His love and tenderness


free to center in the direction of possibility
growth of maturity is measured
by what one provides for others

none can deny others being helped
and one is enriched
by being the one who can give

growth of maturity
by what one is to one's mate
loyal, helpful, not needy
fun, courteous, grateful
the celebration meter is not broken


life can pass on now
all have been granted their innocence
I forgive all
the world and my future is in embryo

love, hope, faith make
me better
make life better

discovering in the Spirit
discovering in the Word

God what do you need from my actions
to make my life better?

the joyful and playful discovery act
in the Spirit
the same attitude
discovery in the Word


the "world" in the negative usage of the word
has all of human decadence
slavery and so on

the "world" is the realm of complaint

analysis is not complaint
nor praise

praise in the heart is slower
and takes longer
than thoughts of praise in the mind

praise is an entrance into the realm of the positive
one can only know by experience


Lord God bless every one
that I think about
including myself

I have no burrs on me
from the enemy
the Sword of the Spirit
gives mercy to me
goes in again and again
into the enemy

and I am free
washed by the Word, and
the Lamb's blood

if it is God's will,
we are not going to die for a long time
nor are we going to live in pain

It's my will that God heal us
It's my will that by His stripes we are healed

by a Second Birth,
I am fierce royalty
to virtue, the cause, the motivation
to help heal this Earth
to turn it to what it left behind by accident
in uneven strides to progress


how snow storms appear to small birds
white clouds of a new world, like an afterlife

how body feeling appears to birds
dancing symmetry without
eternal physical groundedness

while on the ground
while in the air
symmetry without gravity


we are forgiving the world with Christ
overcoming some of original sin

if you have a tacit animosity
that develops gently towards others
it can pass away by prayer

and not being owed anything by anyone
you cancel out everything the past did
(in fact to them also)
and it allows your life to be actually better

we are forgiving the world with Christ
overcoming some of original sin


with my goals,
I can be present to the best in life and in God...
when I see my goals
I can remember my best nature
when I see my goals
I can be still to all the negative voices of myself saying
that I can't do it, or that it's too hard now.


vigilant to attention
on the Sun of Righteousness

humble and loving towards all
this is my hoped attention
inner work of releasing the blocks
to the easing towards loving my humility
awareness of the place
where I can build humility
vigilant to the focus on attention
on the Spirit's presence within

vigilant to attention
on the Sun of Righteousness


our work is going up
going home to conscience
our work is going higher than
the highest positive thoughts of our history

have faith that God is
the one that will take away
the bad things that you thought
God did to you
which were merely the effects of natural causes

for some reason
them needing to be instructed
in a way that is only a waste of time
and taking them away from
actually doing something virtuous


He went out and healed them all
we go out and silently pray for everyone around us
in the cafe or bus
much less noticeable but may have the same effect

generosity ploughing the field
of friendly acquaintances, a house blessed
the dream and hope of our heart
only purified in deeds, no more sins of shame

the seeds sown from moments which
unconditional love is at the fore
before moments of insecurity bred fear
which the darkness always seeks to bloom into hate
in some was often unacceptance, leading to their
own unacceptance from others

the seeds sown from moments which
unconditional love is at the fore
will bloom into a wondrous garden
of human acceptance and dependence


you hear a lot of people condemn many
that there isn't much purity and virtue around
but eventually I thought this isn't the right angle
that we should probably be in awe of how many good there are
and respect others as often better than ourselves

all the homeless people
I see a sun of righteousness
coming out for them
shining over them
coming out of them

come and love Me
just for this day
and not in any other way


ocean purrs and rolls humbly inside
shine high as you do
elbow in a little more effort
a poem will glow again
don't lose your eye's light
or it will wear off all over life


you are only as strong as God can allow yourself to be
one can be humble and yet feel great
humility can feel great realizing
focus on doing the smallest things
builds up to greater things
dichotomies don't exist
remember how they have it in other cultures
won't life drop it's oppressive shade
when you yourself don't mean to judge?


glory beats down on the streets
from the sun and your heart
in your eyes every stranger is part
of one family

freedom is the way we are created and manifested
determines what walls we want around us
out statements and thoughts
dispassion, dying each day to ourselves, a key


your little scuffles could make you pay
with a pound of flesh
aging that might not go away

refusal to relax and accept
whatever speed of lateness it may take
relaxation and joy with contentment
is greater gain

than the myriad-headed
false prosperity gospel
the good news through money alone?

truest riches cannot be bought
they are achieved by right action and faith

your little scuffles could make you pay
with a pound of flesh
aging that might not go away


peace comes from simplicity
joy comes from grace

Imagine "love" or "peace" said twenty times


be kind to everyone you meet on the street
remember, they may have just gotten out
of the hospital

they maybe have just gotten out
of a long stay in jail


faith is loving
enduring endearing
going further in healing
going further in beautifying

beautifying for faith
healing for love
everything we wanted life to be
reflected in our constant hopes
experienced as the result of asking
loving God enough to ask
loving God enough to believe He wants that for us, too
loving ourselves enough to believe we exponentially
magnify gratitude whenever we ask what we pray for

He wants that too


make it not reverie in me
but bring signs and wonders
not just my ecstasy

transform my opportunity
bringing service
and services
in humility strive in ministry

let me heed the voice of the spiritual
and not those I fear are over me

praise of You is possible
all the day long and into the night
it is right and fitting
it keeps You with us
God dwells in the praises of His people
He who is in us is stronger than he who is in the world

I praise You because of my gratitude
for those in my life
who love You
I see each one and thank You
for their love
and I pray that You
make them strong, wise and anointed

what wonderful Christians
bold innovators who care not for the old ways
the ways of God have never been quite in fashion here
at least lately

revival in post-Christian lands

before I didn't have as many of these people
in my life who truly love You
yet, I love all who have been in my life

I did not see before
it was fitting to also forgive them
I am humble if I ask forgiveness
for how I sometimes was

we have this personal revival
inside our hearts and strength
its true when I'm praising the Lord
the change is in how
I perceive myself
my peace, my joy, my strength

then we can see wisely
even in the physical we often gain
we can make a list of behaviors to have faith for
to create better speech
to treat the Word with more respect
for the benefit of others
to see a mission of mercy
in giving our words and insights
to the most broken and barren
to treat them as our own
sometimes our betters that we can help up


thank you for this
even though I do not know it yet
I have faith for it

thank you for this!
even though I do not do it yet
I have faith for it
thank you for this, I know it will be done by me
I have faith for doing it

praise you for this
even though I do not know it yet
I have faith for knowing it

praise you for this!
even though I do not do it
yet I have faith for doing it
praise you for this
I know it will be done by me, I have faith for it

praise you for all my answered prayers!

we thank you
even though we do not do it yet
we have faith for it

thank you for this
even though I do not do it yet
its done in space and time

thank you for this
even though I do not do it yet
I have faith for it


straightening out my perception
of the other
loving the self-image of the other
trusting them to be on the straight and narrow

holding the highest ideal for them
as if writing a letter to their angels

we forgive all the land we were around
for bringing us so many strange and wayward
how else are we to prosper in that land?


ocean and sound
vendor with giant fortune telling machine
city coast with luxury liner
I'm sitting on the grass
with a sun too bright to look at

we are not always spiritual
nor able to help ourselves
being spiritual (at times) means
a capacity to ask for help

at times being able
why speak from fear or from the past?
visualize the good happening
as a playful day event
pastime and a spiritual way

ask for help to play
in the waves of prosperity

ask for help to pray
into the waves of prosperity

negative attitudes break apart
in the positive emotions that come in when
wisdom disindentifies
and conscience rages courage

positive attitudes reign in the states
that come from forgiveness
we are no one's victim
no one can truly victimize the hero


"But to you who fear My name,
The Sun of Righteousness will arise
with healing in His Wings;
And you shall go out and grow fat like stall-fed calves."

fear is often translated awe
losing out on God's promises for us
should create a sense of fear of loss
a "name" is often without all that much meaning
for modern people but the sense of "name"
was a major aspect of ancient life
meaning "under my authority"


something blissful is freezing
when warmth fills my blood
the vision of the Son of God
the kingdom of heaven
in stillness, time stoppage
habit ceasing, attitude of acceleration

Jesus' love for others
is how He changes bodies and souls
we don't understand His grace
but seeing it gratefully so
we can love all other sinners as ourselves

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