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About Us
Telical Books is an independent publishing company, printing books on spirituality, psychology, art, literature, computer-aided brainstorming, computer-generated writing, and other fascinating topics. Our company mission is to print the books that the large publishing companies have overlooked. Many topics today cry out for more discussion. Religious extremism is in the news daily. The oil/gasoline gridlock on automobile manufacturing threatens the environment and our health. We strive to take on issues in our books that help point towards solutions instead of only looking at the problems.

We are proud to publish unique works of non-fiction and fiction that explore the many facets of philosophy, art, religion, psychology and computer science. We form strategic partnerships in the publishing and book distribution community. We are interested in licensing our titles to larger publishing companies, including fine book publishers for limited edition volumes.

Like many small publishers today, we were called into creation by the problems that face the publishing industry. At a time when the decision to print books is often made based on the lowest-common denominator and not historical standards of need and value, it is shocking to see the type of books that are not being reprinted and the new books which are currently being rejected. With the current global problem in religious extremism, which even affects modernized nations like Japan and the United States, it was shocking to see a preliminary rejection of our proposal for our book "Hyperreligiosity: Identifying and Overcoming Patterns of Religious Dysfunction." This book has been a good seller, even once igniting a bidding war on eBay, taking the price from a very low introductory bid of $3.95 to over $16. Good book dealers are recognizing the value of our books with the help of their concerned customers.