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Meditations on Christian Revival -- Spiritual Revival in So-Called Post-Christian Lands by R.S. Pearson

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This book is the product of many years of reflection on the topic of what could cause a true Christian revival in so-called Post-Christian cultures. The author is not a part of the “dumbing down” of culture, but has been a rare book dealer among having other livelihoods.

He is the creator of one of the leading brainstorming software products, as well as the creator of artistic theory based on virtue which he started circulating in 1984. He is a Christian yet did not feel at home with much of the Christian popular media because it seemed the culture at large was becoming less and less Christian even in face of these ministries.

He spent the last several years creating this work based on ideas of what intelligent Christian revival would look like. He has written three books on religious excesses that mimic spirituality: one on hallucinations, another on religiosity over spirituality, and the third on grandiosity. In this work, he saw that the best defense in a post Christian culture was a good offense: the personal attitude of intelligent soul-winning, especially towards those who are not spiritually-grounded and whom we come across in our daily lives.

R.S. Pearson's three recent books on hyperreligiosity, hallucinations in religious practice, and empowerment from grandiosity key in on some of the biggest problems facing spiritual seekers today. He has finished on the possible negative things that can happen to clear a way to what authentic spiritual fervor could look like. Ultimately, it would be developing the capability of building "1000 different ways of being Christian" in every day life. Not just being "spiritual" as secular society is selling as a solution to the world's problems, but by being spiritually Christian.

One reader's pre-publication early review sums it up best:

"I am up to 18 and I started reading at 8:20. I can't stop! Talk about washing with the Word and cool, clear water. The insight of the Holy Spirit is so obvious in your writing that I had to pause to praise Him. I am so grateful for your writing and you have no idea how it has blessed me and my husband at a pivotal time in our walk. We feel led in his music ministry to reach out to smaller, dying churches and lay the groundwork for a meaningful and praise - driven music ministry. We are still in prayer and seeking His will in the direction we will take but your writings really confirmed some things and gave us fresh perspective."

"I agree with the need for a higher level of artistic expression in glory to the Lord in the Body. I agree that a perception of ignorance has tainted the view of our Faith. I agree that revival in the sense of a renaissance of sorts is desperately needed. So excited to continue reading more. I also disagree with prosperity gospel. I have been wealthy in possessions and poor. I have a very different view on that. I do value aesthetics in a sense of appreciating the creator by having value in our surroundings. This is not a frivolous amassing of "Stuff" but the good stewarding of what one already has been blessed with by sharing the beauty and creating an atmosphere of appreciation to God. See.....such inspiration of thoughts this morning just from 1-18. God is so good."

"....Still reading what you sent me and all I can give is praise. It is so insightful on so many levels and dimensions. There is no capricious idealogy in it. You can see it is very inspired and the genius in it. God definitely gifted you. The biggest lesson I learned in heaven is how "religiousness" and "legalism" is so far away from what I experienced. The biggest message I received was the great love God has for us and how we are to love others. We miss so many chances to love each other with fear and self-absorption. People become our problem and not our purpose. That is the irony of what I am going through right now, it is so opposite of what I was shown. I am getting there, though. I don't think it is any accident you responded. I want to thank you so much for the encouragement. This is more than I have written in a while."


Short Overview of Some Important Themes

1) A Key to Understanding Revival

1) God always desires revival.
2) The problem of not having a revival can only be solved at a higher level than it was created at.
3) Revival does not happen because we do not have the wisdom to cause it (He who wins souls is wise).
4) Revival will happen when we can find new bottles to put the new wine in -- you cannot expect the present leadership to cause revival, they can only encourage those who are in revival, and understand what the Lord needs to do in those who are in the population that are not actively involved in church service and attendance.
5) It is a ministry to go to church, and this is a predominant theme of the new revival. A revival should not focus on replacing existing pastors, but instead supporting them. The present leadership can only encourage a new revival, and they should for their churches to remain prosperous, or even active in the Western world due to low attendance in some areas and in particular in some churches.

2) Some key themes of this work:

1) They who win souls are wise. What does it mean to win souls? Does this mean that we will become wiser than the majority if we pray to have the abilities to win souls? Is this why many Christians who are very upfront about their faith are prosperous and in long-term relationships?
2) How the Bible and its salvation is about life more the way a sensible person wants it in whatever circumstance.
3) The Bible has more truth than any one person can contain. This is a reason why unity is important, denominations are all different colors of a rainbow, each can educate the other about certain things if we accept and do not judge.
4) The creativity of the Christian artist and intellectual are needed for this kind of revival. Some modern Christians are sometimes afraid of the arts but when Christendom was in full swing, it used all the arts to glorify God.
5) All truth is God's truth. 6) Why do we praise God? "God dwells in the praises of Israel," or "God dwells in the praises of His people" (Psalms 22:3). When we have the spirit of God in us through praise, we become more because of being united with Him. Praise can be seen as showing love and trust in someone, not something cowering.

3) Three Directions for Our Own Spiritual Blessing

1) Know God wants to bless us.
2) Repent, and ask for forgiveness, which involves being "in Jesus' name."
3) Accept as much of God's love and power for one's life as one can.

4) He Who Wins Souls is Wise

1) Believe in the righteousness of what we win souls to.
2) God is not to blame for man's unrighteousness.
3) Christ said to not sleep, make this a vital concept not a meaningless or boring one.
4) Using Christianity to make our life better, not make our life more obsessive and useless.
5) The gifts of the Holy Spirit - God is a rewarder only of those that diligently seek Him
(Hebrews 11:6).
6) Bravery helps us do the least to build the best.

If we lose the hope that others can develop spiritual fervor, that is a sign that we ourselves have lost the fervor. This hope is the main key to winning souls.

These two moving into God's power of healing:

1) Be up in glory rejoicing over God's loving, kindhearted patient nature that naturally heals mankind. Have this attitude in one's heart. The Word reinforces it.

2) Having no doubts about complete healing, or any other godly prayer request, showing all manner of aspects of faith, expectation of promises glorying in our heart over the things which are yet unseen but which will shortly be seen

Approaching Being in God's Glory

1 When we see the glory, we praise God
2 The needed power of reconciliation
3 They know not what they do attitude
4 Unconditional love of others
5 Praying long for others
6 Pray for those who do not love us enough
7 Unselfish living

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"In the midst of the growing 'Amusement Park' mentality of today's spiritual "movements," one man has been brave enough to address the dangers involved in being a seeker. Mr. Pearson does not come across as an op- ponent to religion but seems to speak to us from the heart. Every person claiming to be a student of spiritu- ality should have this volume on their bookshelf!"

Lisa M. Miller On "Hyperreligiosity"

Robert, thanks for the clarity and truth in the thoughts you have written, that are a healing vibration that surround you and your readers.

A Reader

Pearson's three books on psychological problems in spiritual practice have been called a "Lucuna in the Literature" by a psychologist, who was not able to give signed endorsements because of his position in an organization that did not allow members to make endorsements.