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Bible Stories and Pictures -- A Wonderful Vintage Christian Book

"Bible Stories and Pictures" is an inspiring collection of illustrations of the Parables, events in the life of Jesus, and one example for the wisdom of Solomon. It has uplifting texts on many of Christ's examples with well drawn images. The original book is very rare, and no date is given in the American edition which we used to reprint, but 1884 is given for the London edition. The nature of the illustrations and text were spiritually-inspiring so we wanted to make sure save it from obscurity There are over fifty-five elaborate pictures in this book that may help anyone in a time of spiritual meditation. The text is by text by James Weston and D.J.D., with images by W.J.Webb, Sir John Gilbert, L. Huard and others.

Some Example Pages:

You may presently buy this book on Kindle or as a PDF file at our Order Page. A hard copy is coming soon.

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