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Reprints of the works of Dr. Delmer Eugene Croft

Dr. Delmer Eugene Croft Book Supreme Miracles

Dr. Delmer Eugene Croft was the Mark Twain of early 20th Century Motivational literature. He peppered his self-help booklets with humorous sayings and sometimes even humorous illustrations. These are facsimile reprints of the original editions. The author published least seven short books between 1915-1922. He worked and printed his books out of New Haven, Connecticut. We have written to and obtained from the New Haven Historical Society a binder of information on Croft and will make some of it available here and on Wikipedia in the months to come. All booklets are reprinted with cardstock covers. Each booklet is $7 postage paid, except "Laughing it Through," which is $9 postage page because of its length (64 pages). You may also buy our reprints at

Laughing it Thru: Fun in Winning

Supreme Self Command: Fun in Controlling

Supreme Forces of Mind: Fun in Thinking

Supreme Love Thrills

Supreme Miracles -- Fun in Doing

Dr. Delmer Eugene Croft Book Supreme Miracles

A page from "Supreme Self Command."

Reprints of "The Gist of It for Healing, Health and Happiness" by Haydon Rochester, M.D., one of the first works in modern times on psychosomatic medicine and the effects of psychology on health.

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