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The Exhaustion of the Interaction of Words: Brainstorming with the ParaMind Brainstorming Program

For anyone with an open mind and a bright outlook on the future, it should seem obvious that there are many important ideas that we have not discovered. Can helpful new ideas be discovered by computer-automated brainstorming? According to the ParaMind Brainstorming Software theory, yes they can.

The theory here, called word interaction exhaustion, says that by creating computer-automated word combinations, many new ideas can be created. Sometimes they have proven to be helpful, even revolutionary ideas. ParaMind Brainstorming software is a tool that automates these word interactions.

Examples of the results that ParaMind produced and descriptions of its user-friendly interface show how easily new ideas can be generated with computer-automated brainstorming. The book contains a history of the concept and the underlying philosophy that drove the author to invent ParaMind Brainstorming software. The result is a fascinating book that puts mysticism back into the realm of computers, the old mysticism about what humankind would actually do once it developed computers.

The software covers an area that troubles people the most: what do you do when you cannot come up with a solution for a problem? Most problems can be expressed in words. Therefore, the software multiplies the words of the problem and each time it creates hundreds or even thousands of possible solutions. The user enters in their sentence, clicks the mouse a few times, and the computer sends back hundreds of pages of ideas related to their sentence.

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Released, November 27, 2007.

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Pearson, Robert Scott.
The Exhaustion of the Interaction of Words: Brainstorming with the ParaMind Brainstorming Program
/ R.S. Pearson.
1st ed.
LC Control Number: 2007901680
Type of Material: Text (Book, Microform, Electronic, etc.)
ISBN: 978-0-9748139-0-5
Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved

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